Apollo Ball Valves

In 1968 Conbraco industries introduced the innovative Apollo series 70 ball valve which became an instant hit. As the product became the most specified ball valve in the world, the Apollo brand never looked back from then. Since 1968, Conbraco introduced many line extensions with different sizes and added features and applications.

Apollo[R] bronze ball valves from Conbraco Industries come in all sizes and in a variety of shapes and can be purchased in both steel and bronze bodies. Apollo delivers top-notch quality that caters to a wide range of needs whether it is ball valves for hydraulic systems, instrumentation, irrigation or harsh industrial process flow. Apollo comes in Uni-body, flanged, two piece, three piece, three-way, union end, and steam prep.

One of the most widely used valves in the industry is the Apollo 70-107 series ball valve (1 1/2" Apollo Ball Valve 70-107-01). It has RPTFE seals, a blow out proof system, and an adjustable packing gland.

The newest Apollo bronze ball valve comes with a 2 inch copper tube extension. The new design ensures a faster and easier installation with the help of the Ridgid Viega no solder ProPress ™ crimping system.

For large scale industrial and commercial applications, the new Apollo 77C-200-AO series full port valve is the right choice. Apollo 3-way diverter ball valve with a stainless steel ball is perfect for applications that need flow diversion, for example, fluid transfer and tank selection. The Apollo 3-way has one inlet and two outlets and like butterfly valves and plug valves require a quarter turn to change the direction of the flow. With features like re-enforced PTFE seats, a blow-out proof stem, pad mounting holes and adjustable packing glands, the Apollo three way is a top choice. These valves are built for a flow upto 400 psig and come 100 percent pressure tested.